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Use your old Diamonds in Stylish Way!
By Paliwal Jewelers


 Today people are looking forward to new ways of saving money. In order to do that, they may even give new touch to their old accessories.  You might have thought of reusing your old furniture or your old outfit but have you ever heard about reusing your diamond jewelry?  It may be an old ring that you are sentimentally attached with because it was from your grandmother or your old jewellery that you have stopped wearing. Repurposing diamonds is the best way to new piece of jewellery without spending much money.

Also it lets you wear old diamond jewellery in the latest fashion trends therefore your diamond will be worn by the later generation and not just be rejected as an old fashioned jewellery piece, so repurposing also helps to maintain the legacy.


Everyone loves to wear ring so you can recycle your diamonds into a ring, in case you have big diamonds or a cluster of diamonds you can have an elaborate setting to get a cocktail ring. Such ring will be really cool to wear on occasions like evening events, big celebrations, and baby showers in the family.  Big bold ring in right will add classic touch to your outfit.

Diamond Ring Heirloom Bracelet

If you have a thin necklace that has broken or has worn out and has a lot of diamonds. You can consider turning it into a bracelet. A perfect idea is a bangle bracelet having a big diamond in the middle with many small same size diamonds. You can also go for fragile chain bracelet in case you are repurposing it for especially occasions. You can also get charm bracelet with hanging containing diamonds; all of these are lovely options. Charm jewelry has ceaselessly passed from older generation to young generations. Favorite among young girls are chain link bracelets which have loose diamonds studded in charms having their special significance.  Charms are bets commemoration on birthday, achievements like completing the high school. Most fragile one may have a single charm having solitaire diamonds.  

Diamond Bracelet
Pin one on

If you have small old diamond that has lost its shine clean it with soapy water and then, add them as a pin or button to your wardrobe. Not only are pins, you can wear it on your coat, sweater, blazer, shirt, blouse or a skirt. For looking more drastic you can put it on your denim outfits or worn in the hair along with your hair clips as a hair accessory. Pins are classic fashion accessory that can be of any shape like rhombus, circle or flower, bird etc and work as motif sometime.


From the ancient time, women have being wearing anklets as embellishment on their feet. Adding diamonds to the old anklet can make them look prettier and gorgeous. Wearing diamond in the ankle increases the splendor of your feet when you are performing dance because people give a lot of attention to your feet. If you have gold or silver trinkets that are damaged than, get them studded with diamond and adding them to chain as a pendant is another cool option.

Silver Anklet





All these are awesome ways to boost your look without purchasing something. Even though you will be wearing your old jewellery still you have a feel of wearing a new one. Repurposing diamonds makes huge difference to your saving and without a doubt also enhance you looks. You can make your own piece of personalized jewellery by transforming old diamonds in a new piece of jewellery.

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