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Know the difference between Ruby and Pink Sapphire!
By Paliwal Jewelers

Belonging to the same mineral family called Corundum, Ruby and Pink Sapphire have analogous chemical composition.

The sole basis of identification is the hues of the minerals. Corundum is found in not only pink but also other shades like blue, red, green, white, yellow, green, etc.  Typically, the Corundum which is red in colour is recognized as ruby while the others are Sapphires.

The red hue of ruby is due to the presence of chromium impurities. The colour of Sapphire is an outcome of iron, titanium and impurities of chromium impurities. A bright red ruby and pink Sapphire appears alike. There are no hard and fast rules to define which tone represents the two minerals. Usually Ruby has an intense red (with a purple feel) to orange red tint.  The pink Sapphire has a variant between warm pink to pasty pink colour and sometimes even reddish.

If we follow the GIA conventions, the corundum which has red colour dominant is a ruby. The exact meaning is at times you look at a stone in case you see red as the leading colour it is a Ruby. Pure red dominates the stone hue when it is Ruby. The GIA lab has its own set of rules to see whether the condition is fulfilled before they certify the stone as a ruby. People who cannot distinguish the rubies can ask the jewellers for certification to know they are not the right side.

It is difficult for the beginners to analyse as the stones as the interpretation of the dominant colour depends on the personal consideration.

How Chromium Composition Affects Ruby and Sapphire?

The reddish colour is due to the presence of Chromium in the minerals. Greater amount of the element result in bright red hue wide lesser occurrence produces pink shades. 

The stone with a medium range of Chromium are less in occurrence. They have a tone which cannot be distinguished as red or pink but somewhere between both of them. Other tones in the precious and semi-precious stones occur because of the elements such as iron, vanadium, titanium, etc.

High Quality Rubies

The most expensive rubies shade is often termed as the pigeon’s blood; the colour is purely red which is clearly noticeable but to the absence of other major undertones.

Recognizable Pink Sapphire Hue

There are lighter pink shades which are noticeably different from the colour which the rubies posses. Thus, some sapphires can be easily categorized – they are either the one created in lab or have baby pink colour.

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