About Us

Years of experience in the retailing and wholesaling business has strengthened the roots of The Paliwals in trade. A desire to extend reach to global market inspired The Paliwals to branch out in the field of jewelry retailing in 2000.


Paliwal Jewelers was originally established in Jaipur (Rajasthan) India by Shri Surendra Mohan Paliwal Ji. The founder of Paliwal Jewelers analyzed the market and realized that in today’s world, where every second is precious it is not possible to make a purchase by stepping into a busy jewellery shop with salespeople pushing puffy, why not to begin with an online jewelry store where customers are just a few clicks away from their favorite ornament. This laid to the foundation of Paliwaljewelers.com, where customer satisfaction is the priority.


We deal in platinum and gold jewellery along with natural precious and semi-precious stones. Our designs are intricately fabricated to perfection to reflect sensitivity in selection, execution and distinctiveness. A huge range of gold varying from 10KT to 22KT is available at Paliwal Jewelers. Besides this, we alloy gold with copper to produce pink or red gold and nickel, manganese or palladium to produce white gold. Yellow gold is also available at Paliwal Jewelers. We have newly launched our exclusive collection of ‘Never Seen Before’ Temple Jewellery, which has become the USP of Paliwal Jewelers.


Designers at Paliwal Jewelers aim at designing unique jewellery which can live up to the latest trend as well as the tastes and expectations of customers. Keeping in mind, the ongoing trend, jewellery edition is revised every month. Paliwal Jewelers sell diamond jewelry more than any other jeweler in India.


Purity and genuineness of the products are the strengths of Paliwal Jewelers. We strongly believe that business should be fair with a social objective and not just for selfish motives. We have stood our ground for quality designs and elegant workmanship.


Paliwal Jewelers initially began with the motive of reaching customers nationally but their exceedingly well performance has motivated them to begin with international shipping also. Our near future target is to appear in the West European jewellery market with luxury gold and diamond jewellery at exciting prices.