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Gem Gossip - What Your Birthstone Says About You!
By Paliwal Jewelers


A birthstone primary gives the manifestation of who we are and how we interact with others. The people who are extremely busy do not conduct a research about the stones linked to their birth as a few stores of online jewellery in India list the precious stone ornaments according to the birth month. The tradition of wearing a birthstone started thousands of years ago before the eighteen century.

So let’s begin our journey of unrevealing the impressive insight that the birthstones endow–

1.      January – Garnet

The people born in this month are ambitious and loyal. They are serious by nature and work hard toward their aims. Those correlated to garnet are socially active; like to teach people and learn new concepts from others. Overall one can say that a person possessing garnet as birthstone is logical and empathic.  They can make the right decision even if they do not belong to a mature age because of the motherly temperament. 

 2.      February - Amethyst

If amethyst is the birthstone it leads a person to be more creative, humble, quiet and liberal. They can be a little daring and stubborn when it comes to fulfil their vision and dreams.  The folks are spiritual and value peace in their life. Sometimes the people linked to amethyst are referred unreliable it is only because they are planning ahead.

 3.      March – Aquamarine

Linked to the ocean this stone has a purifying affect that is powerful. The people possess amazing communication easily connecting them to heart of others. They can find out the problem to fix them with their honesty, generosity and straight forwardness. Being affectionate they swiftly fall in love and some of them are fond of daydreaming.  The aquamarine can be secretive to preserve the peace and want to live a life in serenity.

 4.      April –Diamond

 When the birth is linked to diamond such people are as hard as a nut to convince or persuade.  In some situations they can be stubborn and believe in implementing their own thoughts and plans. At times determined to do something they never give up. If they take a stand for someone they stick with it for a longer time. Wearing the birthstone help the April- borns to boost their energy and stabilise their metabolism. The people who are keen on wearing the birthstone can visit our diamond jewellery online store which has highly pure diamonds in from of rings, pendants, necklace and hand jewellery.

 5.      May – Emerald

People who wear emerald as the birth stone have unconditional love for their friends, partners and other people closely related to them. They are extremely faithful and loyal to the spouse / partners. They easily mix up with all type of individuals. They have the capability of reuniting with the people they had a quarrel once to maintain harmony. So if you are new to a place a may baby can definitely be a helpful friend.

 6.      June – Pearl

 The person with pearl as birthstone is unique and individualist. They may not socialize much as incredibly connect to the animals. The individuals emerge as innocent and modest but often bewild others that they are naive.  They have a firm and strong personality and are funny and talkative occasionally. The pear bearers are sensitive due to which they take time when hurt by someone to recover mentally.  Although thin-skinned and polite they know how to make a point.

 7.      July – Ruby

Like the gemstone the people associated with ruby are stylist and catch everyone’s eye because of their dramatic personality. They are highly confident about themselves and face confrontations without any difficulties. Being fearless, the individuals keep their promises and do not lie or deceive others.

8.      August –Peridot

The people have highly developed speaking skills which draw others to listen and engage with them in conversation. The august babies easily make new friends actually they are capable of befriending anyone they want to. Their ability to adopt new people and friend build a vast network of relations around them. These entire traits overall make them charming, genial and deal.

 9.      September – Sapphire

 The individuals with sapphire as stone of birth are sharp and intelligent and do not lose temper even during the harder times. They are introvert and do not socialize. Some of them feel difficult to trust other people.  They tend towards being in the higher positions to manage or lead a team, a business or a large group. Although, kind by heart; the September born deeply connect to only a handful of people.

10.     October – Opal

 Have opal as the birthstone? It makes a person idealistic. Boring is not a word in the dictionary of their life. Usually they are composed and silent but get agitated in short time.  They try to be reserve and keep away from socializing still grab the attention of a lot of people. A person can be intensely analytical but may not speak-up to know the motives of others.

 11.     November – Citrine

They are likable people with a lot of luck on the financial front. They are radiator of positivity and remain cheerful most of the time. The November born are deeply attached to their friends and family.  When you are around the people with Citrine birth stone it brings optimism and good omen.

12.     December  - Turquoise

 People with turquoise as the birthstone are typically old souls, wise and highly sure about the choices they make. They act like as a guardian for loved ones because of their strong and protective support. If elderly, the individuals can be as an angel who provides you the advice instantly. The persona they hold is of a person young at heart and vibrant by outer appearance.

The birthstones always had an extraordinary significant in the olden times due to the mythologies. Today wearing these stones can have impact on the life of people because of their remedial effects which are addressed by medical science too. You can look through purchasing Jewellery Online India.

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