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Ring Buying Guide
By Paliwal Jewelers


To avoid pricey blunder, it is very significant to learn as much as possible about the different aspects you should bear in mind while buying a ring. Although a regular customer can't be trusted to put together the same clear-cut judgment as a skilled jewelry expert who has technical education and wealth of realistic knowledge and can offer a superior database to commence their assistance, but the customer can be trained to arbitrate a ring.

Category of Rings

Rings can be grouped on several basic such as the base metal; gemstone and their shape, here are the most sorted types of rings.

Knuckle Ring- These rings have size smaller than normal ring and it is worn on the fingertips traditional in the second or third Knuckle. It can be worn alone or even in combination with other sort of rings.

Loops or Band- These are metallic loops and form the base of the sophisticated rings. These are not expensive as the cost of additional precious stone slashed.

Solitaire Rings – They are characterized by a large gem in the centre of the ring, it is one and only nugget that stuck on the base metal. Wearing large solitaire diamond ring is trance for every woman; you need to take care of color, clarity, sparkle, brilliance, and weight while buying them.

Cameo Ring - Cameo is a technique of carving a gem generally marble, it features optimistic idol. This is a kind of vintage ring was typically preferred by men. Historic Cameos signify divinity, portrait and saints. The contemporary cameos illustrate the goddess and Roman soldiers.

Multi-stone Rings - These rings contain multiple gemstones, often one large is the center piece and the other smaller stone surround it. When diamonds are used in combination with gemstones, the multi-stone rings look lavish and mesmerizing.

Cluster Rings: As the name suggests these rings spotlight is a bunch of small stones that are huddled together. It consists of cluster gemstones setting in the center, stone from a long distance gives and illusion of single bulky gemstone

Eternity rings - In eternity rings gemstone, frequently diamonds of the identical size and cut and is set in circular fashion all around the ring.

Cocktail Rings – Cocktail rings are usually oversized rings with huge sized semi precious or precious gemstone. A multi-stone ring with a huge size stone and other undersized stone can also be referred cocktail, even called statement rings sometime as they attract attention of people.

Posie ring – These have inscriptions on the surface either inside or outside, was popular in France and England as lovers' gifts. In olden times these were used as promise, engagement or wedding bands.

Ring Sizing

The most frequent jewellery repair people have is getting their ring to fit their finger size. Most of the rings are made in a "stock size." The stock size varies normally between 6 and a 10 for men, on our jewellery online shopping India site, we provide Indian ring size between 6 to 18. Here is how you can figure your accurate size.

The two simplest ways to calculate your size is with the help of a scale, in case you do not own a ring follow this procedure.

Take a paper strip and drape it around your finger, there will be a point where the strip convene. Mark the point from where you started wrapping and place where you ended wrapping. The distance between the two points is circumference of your ring; know use the chart to determine your size

You can use the second method if you have a ring that completely fits you. Place the ring on the ruler in a fashion that exactly half of the ring covered the scale. Measure the length between the inner side and use the chart to know your size.

Selecting the ring

These factors one should keep in mind after getting the ring size.

1. Design

Rings come in various designs as they can have different stones setting. If you chose to buy diamond ring you have to pick a style such as halo, side stone and solitaire as well as cut like cushion and princess.

2. Ring Metal

Some gemstone settings are stable and so sizing such ring is difficult, so if your ring size is reduced or gained, you cannot wear your ring. However gold and silver rings can be sized and are better choice in case you often lose or gain weight.

3. Budget

When you have decided the design and the base metal, idea of what you need is to know your budget. Your perfect ring online shopping becomes quick as you would search rings only that fit your pocket.

4. Quality

Most crucial thing is to get pure 22k pure gold rings online. With the growing popularity of online shopping, quality check becomes essential and should not be compromised on.

5. Persona

What kind of ring suits on your hands, a bright white metal ring or a gold gemstone one? Instead of seeing currently what people are wearing, get an idea of what complement your personal style. Example if you are buying for a regular use you can purchase a cocktail ring no matter how much you like it.


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