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For all women who love jewellery
By Paliwal Jewelers


 All around the world one accessory that every woman wants to wear is jewellery. Their love towards jewellery is not pointless; there is rational explanation to it. Women psychologically are dawn towards sparkling, colourful, shiny materials. Many Indian women never get out of their house without putting on some jewellery, because it helps them to look feminine. Jewellery for many girls and women is the way to show their individuality and poise that they feel being truly themselves. Women like to flaunt their style in front of others.

It sometime becomes an indicator of a person's wealth. Jewellery from ancient times has been a status symbol. Owning a piece of heavy precious ornament is as lavish as purchasing of cars or new mansions. If someone is bearing a piece of ornament that looks expensive, certainly has become a means to show one’s wealth. In such case, the designs and the materials used are more important as the making charges and the cost of base metal depend on them.

Many women spend huge amount of money on jewellery to out swank how wealthy they are, although it is not easy to quote the worth of person's jewellery by just seeing. Women adore jewellery and get sentimental when it is from a loved one or when they buy or get it from an extraordinary place for example on vacation destination and so it becomes great reminiscence. Also the traditional Indian women believe jewellery has many spiritual meanings and gemstone jewellery astrologically can contribute to luck. The mangalsutra which is a pendant like ornament worn by wives in India represent the sharing of love, commitment and togetherness in marriage.


Also many women wear jewellery because they have religion significance. The crucifix is most worn pieces of jewellery used by catholic to declare their religion. Women also wear jewellery as a fashion accessory.  Also few women wear jewellery to impress other or captivate people from their fashion sense. Every woman craves to be in vogue and look gorgeous while jewellery significantly augment wearer's look. Sometimes people feel more sensual and important because wearing jewellery makes them feel unique i.e. a sense of being a real woman. It boosts the look of the wearer and personally symbolizes different meanings to every woman like love, delight, inheritance, rituality and culture.


Sometimes jewellery has historical significance when it is vintage especially hierarchical jewellery because it is passed from one generation to another in a family. Wearing something that her great grandmother or grandmother used to possess; it gives her acumen and touching association with her own heritage.


One person can look different at various occasions by wearing different kinds of ornaments. Sometimes jewellery you put-on transforms your outfit in many possible ways. Old woman tend to prefer the mainstream jewellery items i.e. gold, platinum, diamond, silver while younger ones look for jewellery of the latest trend usually prefer vibrant design and colourful jewellery with lot of stones. Woman wearing chunky jewellery and layered ornaments look like performer or artist and wearing pearl look peaceful and mature.

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