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Different Types of Precious Jewellery in India
By Paliwal Jewelers


The different types of precious jewellery in India are as follows:


The Kundan jewelry is costly as compared to other Indian fine jewelry as it is made by using the purest forming of gold. It is the most superior form of 24 carat gold. A variety of precious and semi-precious stones, gems and diamonds are used to make them more gorgeous.  Kundankari (the art of Kundan work) was introduced in Delhi and Rajasthan during Mughal period.

Kundankari was evolved in Rajasthan and Delhi during the Mughal period, and that is why this jewellery makes you feel rich on your wedding day. It uses long-established process of gem setting; the gold foil is placed in the spaces between stones. First the lacquer framework of jewelry is prepared on which gems are embedded, gold foil setting and finishing touch is given by covering lacquer framework with highly refined gold. It is the hard work of skilled craftsmen which makes Kundan jewellery designs looks royal and classy.


Meenakari jewellery is made by varnishing engraving on jewellery with colorful enamels. This jewellery develops impressions similar to popular designs of peacock, flower, and fish, paisley or may be figures of deities. The motive is to create a picture like presentation to make it striking. The enamels are filled up which improve its looks. It provides the theme on which the grooves are designed. Thus meenakari can be based on specific themes and event.

The meenakari jewellery is made in two types:-

  1. Ek rang Khula- If the jewellery is designed for Indian bride; enamels of same color matching to bride’s jewellery are filled in the kundan wedding jewellery to enhance the beauty of the bride when she wears it.
  2. Panchrangi meena – It uses sober five heat-resistant colors like white, pale blue, dark blue, green, red and mute pastels.  They are more vibrant, exquisite and give effortless look.


The art wok Meenakari was introduced in Rajasthan by Raja Mansingh of Amer. He summoned Lahore-based skilled craftsmen to his kingdom, and their merging with the local artisans resulted in a formation of such an awesome artist.


The jewellery having jadau work uses bedazzled and precious gemstones. They are embedded on flexible gold base and engravings are settled with gemstones in great precision. Silver can also be used as the base, but gold is the most excellent option. Gold forms a solid base for gemstone which is stuck on frame of jewelry by a bonding agent. Different gems like ruby, diamond, emerald, pear, sapphire, etc. are embedded and Polki may be used in the center part of jewelry such as necklace.

Perfection, skill and experience are required to make a marvelous piece of jadau jewellery because solid gold and gemstone are not easy to join. Having the knowledge of techniques in jadau making is must for a craftsman to work on or make jadau jewellery.

It is practiced in Rajasthan and Gujarat since Mughal era and is also known as engraved jewellery.

Pachchikam Jewelry

This jewellery originated in Gujarat and kachchh has again become popular as many contemporary designers are reviving it and bringing it back in fashion.
If we compare it with Kundan work, Pachchikam has simple look and is pretty delicate. Major difference of Pachchikam is that instead of using gold, it uses silver for jewellery making. The reason for using silver as the base metal is that it is very malleable, cheap and resembles platinum.

To make Pachchikam jewellery stones are put into silver case, the edge of which is pressed on top of the stone with the finger and then groove are filed on it. If you look at its setting, which is crude in its execution, but it is the quality which adds charm to it. This is a very difficult process, which is time consuming and tedious. Uncut semi-precious stones and glass-work are important parts of Pachchikam jewelry making. 

The art is still practiced in kachchh and Gujarat, where pachchikam jewellery making has passed from one generation to another. The major obstruction in the expansion of pachchikam is that it cannot be produced on a huge scale. The craftsmen are long-established and are not willing to alter their designs according to the demands of time. They are not open to changes in techniques and do not experiment new trends and patterns.

Gold Jewellery

It is the jewelry that nearly everyone thinks is perfect for them. Since gold is really soft due to which it cannot be used in its purest form to manufacture jewellery. It is combined with alloys like silver and copper and melted to approximately 1150 degrees Celsius. At such a high temperature, it melts and becomes appropriate to give any shape after which it cools and hardens.

Gold has a special importance in India. It can be a refuge against the financial crisis and is generally used by women and girls for adorning themselves. In India, according to rituals gold is considered auspicious among Hindus and is regarded as the symbol of Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity. Gold is a symbol of excellence, eternity and wealth; it is a favorite of jewelry makers because of its anti-rust property and long lasting shine.

Kancheepuram of south India and Varanasi of north India have been the center of gold jewelry making since the pre-historic times. The design and pattern of gold jewelry differ in India, according to the region and customs carried on traditionally. Gold Earrings, nose rings, bracelets, armlets arts are essential parts of the Indian bridal jewelry. The gold jewelry got international stroke during the Mughal period, Mughals stimulated Indian artisans to master particulars and techniques of gold jewelry making. The enameling, embedding stones and filigree work on gold was popular during that era.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond is the most stunning and expensive stones used to make jewellery, they add splendor to face.

The shape of diamond is the most important factor a person should keep in mind. The basic shape is square, round, radiant, princess, etc. Before making decision to buy it is important to see the variations availed in shape, carat, cut, size and color of diamond.

The cut of a diamond is important in giving it the ultimate sparkle and brilliance. The diamonds with superior cut have more shine and twinkle.

The diamond is comprised of many colors like brown, black, red, green, white, yellow etc. When you want to gift diamond jewelry then you can buy white diamonds as most of the people are fond of them.

Clarity refers to the no. of imperfections in diamond jewelry. Every diamond has some imperfections, but the best diamond has slight or no imperfections.

Carat refers to weight of the diamond, which increase in carat the price of the diamond also increases.

Silver jewellery

After gold, silver jewelry is the most preferable choice. Very stylish and trendy collection can be availed online which can be worn in marriages, party and other special occasion.

Variety of colors is embodied on silver jewelry which helps women to wear jewelry matching to their attire. While buying it online you can personalize them and get each and every detail. The magnificence of silver is compared to moonlight and it compliments skin tone. A piece of 925 or the purest silver feels classy on wearing and is both valuable and cheap.

Due to its soft nature it is mixed with other metal like copper and zinc. Sterling silver consists of 92.5 % pure silver and 7.5 % other metals. The designer collection comprises of the latest designs.

It is availed in several patterns like matte, textured, smooth, and floral, etc. The shine of pure silver can be endless if cleaned and stored properly. They should be kept in airtight boxes on soft pads to avoid corrosion and scratches. They should be cleaned with soapy water time to time to remove dust and dirt.

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