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Science says Hindu Ornaments Are Important! Know here- Why!
By Paliwal Jewelers


Toe ring

In India, women wear ring in second toe, its nerves are associated with the uterus and passes from heart. Wearing a toe ring helps to normalize the menstrual flow, brings ease in conceiving and brings stability in the blood pressure level. When married women wear toe rings during regular chores, the friction rejuvenate her reproductive organs.


Anklets are worn at the place where the foot joins the leg; women & girls usually wear silver anklets. These facilitate to preserve woman's energy from going into the earth. Wearing them regularly provides liberation from joint pains and the tinkling sound keeps away the negative energy.


Worn on the waist by females, waist band also known as kardhani has huge significance. It regulates the menstrual time and endow with relief from the menstrual cramps. Silver Kamarband is said to control the belly fat.

 Mang Tika

It is worn on the head and controls the level of high temperature in the body.


The bangles normalize the blood circulation of the whole body. The electro-magnetic energy passing out through the outer skin is again reverted again into one's own body because of the circular shaped bangles, which stops the energy from passing outside. Reiki/energy healing proves that energy can be channeled from the hand and directed to the palms when women wear bangles.  A woman gains her strength which is wasted when she does not wear bangles.


The Mangalsutra’s hollow side faces the body so that the positive energies are attracted towards its void of the cups. This helps to keep the body and mind in a healthy state & keeps the blood circulation fine in the body.


 Ring finger has a nerve which is connected through brain neuron cells and to the heart. While thumb rings stimulate the pleasure hormones. Frequent metallic friction among the ring fingers is good for the person’s health and helps them to handle life with ease and confidence.  Rings are not worn usually in themiddle finger because its nerve passes through the brain divider line. If any friction of finger occurs with metals it lead to bewilderment which affects decision-making ability of brain.



Indian people prefer earrings which are mostly made of gold. The nerves are connected to the eyes and in females it is connected to the reproductive organs. Wearing earrings supplies a friction in earlobes which results in better eyesight. A nerve that connects our kidney, cervical and brain passes through the right ear. If the accurate amount of pressure is maintained, it helps to keeps our kidney and bladder healthy.

Nose Ring

Piercing the nose lessen the pain throughout the period’s cycles in women. There is a traditional practice of Indian women wearing nose rings on the left nostril. The nerves present in the left nostrils are linked with the female reproductive organs. Piercing the nose at this position helps in easing childbirth, women with pierced nose experience reduced pain during delivery. A scientific theory states that nose piercing averts women from being hypnotized because it controls brain wavelength.


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