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Rajput Tradition and Jewellery
By Paliwal Jewelers


In Rajput gharanas, the women especially the brides project their royalty by wearing traditional Rajasthani jewellery from head to toe. Most of the ancestral Rajput jewelery consists of Kundan, Thewa and meenakari jewelery studded with semi precious and precious stones. Whenever you think about the ethnicity of heritage,  Rajput jewellery comes up into everyone’s mind. The royal lands of Rajput is full of titivate mahals, forts, consummate artifact, imperial gastronomy.

 1.Borla or Rakhdi

The sort of maang tikka worn in rajputs is also called Rakhdi. It is a circular bell shaped maang tikka that is worn with a middle parting of head in the front. For Rajasthani brides, it signifies that the necessity should walk on the straight line. It is a sign of marital status of a woman; therefore it is usually not worn by girls. It truly boosts the elegance of the bride’s face, adding a mild youthful virtue. The Rakhdi is often accompanied by the Sheesh-phool which is a headgear and frames the hairline; however in contemporary weddings, the brides may choose to wear only the rakhdi.

Borla or Rakhdi

 2.Aad and Timaniya

It is usually souvenir by the groom's family to a bride. Aad is a rectangular or square shaped necklace often called Rajputana necklace. It is an essential piece of Rajasthani jewellery. Kundan and other precious gemstones are engraved on a pendant like necklace base, perched by several pearl chains. The necklace piece is attached with strands to fasten it at the back. It gives a royal look and adds extreme aura to the face. Today a variety of Aad are accessible in contemporary designs at Paliwal Jewelers. Timaniyaan is also a neck piece studded with numerous uncut diamonds. For bride, it signifies that she should bow head in humbleness. Although both aad and timaniyaan are made from pure gold & precious stones, there is huge difference in their making style.  Timaniya is little flimsy and to a great extent resembles to the present-day ‘bib’ necklace.

Rajputana Aad Necklace


It is a diamond or stone studded nose ring which is worn on the left nostril and is coupled to the ear with gold or pearl chain, also called Nathni. A big golden Nath with enticing kundan work compliments the bride’s face. Nose stud is referred as Nath phool and is a trendy ornament worn by most of the women in north India.

Rajput Nath

 4. Bajubandh

Bajubandh is especially tied on the bride’s arm few inches above the elbow on day of marriage. It is flat rectangular in design, studded with a lot of minakari with traditionally red and green stone work. These armlets are decked on bride’s arms to make her look effortlessly graceful.

Gold Bajubandh


 5.Haathphool, Pahunchi, Bangidis and Chooda

Haathphool is worn on back side of hand, extending to one or more fingers. It literally means hand flower. It is an ancient accessory of bride. It consists of bangle like bracelet attached to a focal piece in the centre which extent to rings. In recent times, it has been high-flying as not only Sonam Kapoor, Maduri dixit Nene but even Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus & Kelly Clarkson are wearing it. It is like gold finery which titivates the back of the palm and the wrist. They are prepared from gold, kundan, minakari and even jadau craft. The rings are attached to strings of gold connecting finger to flower which than attached to bracelet with another chain.


The Bajuband, Chooda, Bangidis, Haathphool and Pahunchi are all adornments meant to make a bride’s delicate arms and hands the centre of everyone’s attention as she moves. Some Rajput women also Pahunchi which are chunky bracelets made of gold and sometimes even kundan clasped on the wrist. The bangles are called Bangidis and Kadas that come in variety of patterns. Another option is Chooda- ivory bangle set that may have gold embossing compulsorily worn by the bride for a certain period of time. A Rajasthani bride has no dearth of jewellery options for her arms.


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