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Pearls Are Precious - Take Care Of Them
By Paliwal Jewelers


Whether it is a pearl necklace or a pearl earring, women always love pearls as timeless ad classic accessory. They are delicate and need extra care than other gemstone jewellery. It is best that you never let your pearls get in touch with chemicals or harsh substances, as they harm calcium carbonate present in pearl.

1. One of the most crucial precaution is that put on your pearls at the end after you get ready and when you return home, first remove the pearls. In the cosmetics you apply on your face and hand, hair serum, perfumes there are a lot of chemicals that can damage your pearl jewellery.

Our pure real gold pearl earrings online are made of calcium carbonate, apply your make-up, moisturiser, perfume, hair spray i.e. get your face & hair done and then wear your pearls.

2. Try avoiding layering when you wear pearls, because wearing multiple jewellery pieces may scratch your pearl jewellery.

3. Pearl's shine can get diminished with even smallest precipitation, getting rid of the sweat it important to maintain their lustre. Wipe your jewellery gently with  a tender clean cloth after you have used your pearls. Never clean pearl with a brush or chemicals, they could destruct this surface.

4. In case the pearl jewellery comes in contact with acid( present in fruit juice, cold drinks, tea etc.) immediately wipe your jewellery with a clean cloth. These acids break crystallized CaCO3 ruining the beauty forever.

5. When you wear your jewellery regularly, often it gets dirt particles. Use mild solution like a baby shampoo to remove grime. While cleaning be careful, don’t stretch the threads if pearls are in strands. Touch lightly with the soapy solution and then dab pearl with water remember to dry them with a clean soft fabric. Never let water or chemical sit on your pearl jewellery.

6. Use either mineral or distilled water to wash your pearls, as valve water may have chlorine or other elements that may ruin the pearls.

7. Avoid ultrasonic and jewellery cleaners inside polish pearls with soft dirt-free soft fabric.

8. Keep your pearl jewellery in a separate jewellery box away from other jewellery. You can store them in a silk pouch, velvet or satin lined box, avoid keeping pearls in plastic bags. Plastic sometimes release certain chemicals destructing precious pearls. Put your jewellery on a flat surface and never hang them.

10.  Never store your pearl in a safety compartment for longer period, in dry place pearls get dehydrated, that cause small cracks on its surface.  If in case it is mandatory for you to store pearl inside a safe put a glass of water inside the box , it will moist the air and slow dehydration.

11. Do not keep your pearl earring gold jewellery near sunlight; store it in dark place away from sunlight. Avoid storage boxes with openings.  

If you want to own exquisitely designed pearl earring gold jewellery, just have a look at Paliwal Jewelers tantalizing collection    It has unique patterns at every women would love to flaunt especially in social gatherings.  



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