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Meet The Indian Tradition - Temple Jewellery
By Paliwal Jewelers


 Diversity in Indian customs has led to proliferate of different types of jewelry over the time. India is popular for huge assortment of traditional artwork such as temple jewelry, kundan jewelry, pearl jewelry etc.

What is temple jewellery?

Temple jewelry as the name suggests was used to embellish the idols of god and goddess in the temples. Conventionally it is made of the finest gold embedded with precious stones. Since it was originated in the south this is the real reason why south Indian dancers, devdasis wear a lot of temple jewelry during their performance. The temple designs usually include form like flowers, birds, leaves, ditties and royal statuettes.

Temple Jewellery Online India

 Jewellery comes in variety of designs and worn basically by classical dancers which make it also known as dance gold temple jewellery. Mainly it consists of hip chain, waist belt, armlet, anklets, hair accessories, hip chain and nose ring.

It is worn on special occasions and performances by classical dancers and brides on their wedding day. The regular temple jewelry is worn on auspicious occasions by women like pilgrimage, baby shower and big festivals. It includes earrings, bangles necklaces, chokers, toe ring and rings.

It’s History

It was flourished during the Chola dynasty and continued till the Nayak reign which was a period noted for its achievement in arts and cultural in Tamil Nadu. The red rubies and green emeralds of temple-style make jewelry colorful and visually remarkable. Symmetrical designs are inspired by temple sculptures make it distinctive from other jewellery form.

 Temple Jewellery Online Shopping

Where temple jewellery is famous?

Bharatnaytam is one of the most graceful ancient & Idyllic dance forms that budded in the temple of Tamil Nadu of south. Often the Bharatnaytam dancers wear a set of golden temple jewelry to complement their dresses because it is striking, intricate and is ideal to wear with Kanchivaram saris. The symmetric design of the traditional temple jewelry is inspirited from the temple sculpture as well as natural motifs such as peacock, swan, and fruits like mango.

This jewellery is also worn by Kuchipudi dancers who emerged over thousand decades ago. This jewelry made of gold and precious, semi precious stones and pearls was traditionally made in temple’s precinct by expert craftsmen. Nagercoil, one of the temples in Tamil Nadu is renowned for its eminent jewellery used to adorn the temple deities during big festivals. It is worn by the dwelling temple dancers who still continue this tradition. 

Not only it is momentous embellishment for dancer, but is alleged to have a deeper meaning. The use of pure gold is evident to promote well-being. The surya worn on the right side of the head and the chandra on the left brings positive energy to the dancer allowing her art to flourish. The rokkodi worn on the crown of the head protects the brain.

Gold Temple Jewellery Online India

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