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DIY Father's Day Gifts for Super Dads!
By Paliwal Jewelers


Father is called by a huge number of names in different languages like otosan in Japanese, papa in Russian, tata in polish, athair in Irish, pabbi in Icelandic, paper in Latin, tatay in Filipino etc. Kids may call their dad differently but one thing is same that they feel wonderful calling the word-“father”.

May be, not every father tell bedtimes stories or wipe tears like mothers do but as soon as he returns home from work even after the tiredness of the whole day, he is always ready to hear from the kids. When a father gets out from home he may forget what wife said to purchase but never forgets to buy toys, books and food items to pamper their kids. He fulfills every dream of the children and the safest place for kids in the whole world is their arms.  So this father day, express your dad how amazing your feel about him with these easy do-it-yourself ideas.  This is not a tutorial but a list of items put together.

1. Covers

If you are wondering about the easiest thing to make that is suitable and works for your daddy sleeves will definitely do it. Thanks your dad by making covers for his digital devices & accessories like laptop, mobile and tablet, sunglasses etc. What you need is just is sheet of form, fabric and a needle to hand-sew or pins if you choose no-sew technique. Covers keep your daddy’s stuff away from dust and protect them from getting damaged.

2. Wallet

You can make a decorative DIY wallet for your dad where he could put his credit card, license and other cards along with money. In case you have some pieces of mother’s old jewellery that she does not wear, you may use a strong adhesive to embellish the purse you made.

3. Bracelets

Every man love to wear stylish masculine jewellery like a man’s bracelet on their hands to look high fashion guy. Rope bracelet, leather bracelet, braided woolen, beaded bracelet, anchor bracelets etc there are many options to choose from, and that will please your dad. Make something that your father really likes to wear, you can make a bent wooden bracelet for which you need to use a stamp tool and a piece of wood which is stretchable enough to bent and still does not break. You can write messages that signify him on the bracelet using glaze pen or wood paint pen.

4.Cuff links

May be he would like to get his cufflink personalized. So for a few days, notice your dad’s style and how he uses cufflinks for his new shirts. You need a pair of cufflink finding, button, glue and a stick.

5. Fork Ring

This is really cool idea to make a ring with fork ring using a small size fork; basically you can make two types of rings using a fork. One is top wrap ring and other wrap around ring, the later need a fork with bigger length.

 6. Pendant

You can make a pendant necklace for your daddy using copper wires, brass wire, rectangle shape wood piece or coin and spanner or mini hammer. If your daddy is an engineer or lead in mechanics you can use for can small nuts and bolts inside of wires to make chain of pendant.

7. Handkerchief

Once of the best homemade presents for daddy would be a “Happy Father’s Day” hankie. Using decorative woolen threads, you can sew a pattern which would contain your father’s day wishes on the handkerchief. Every time your daddy will use it, the memories of the father’s day will be revived in his mind.

8. Aprons

If your dad is a huge fan of cooking or he looks to bake, you can prepare aprons for him. A simple apron will just take 1 meter of cotton fabric while if you are making a grilling apron it will take more cloth and time to make.  You can also use the handkerchief trick to write message like “World’s best dad” or something similar on his apron.

9. Cards & Plaques

One of the simplest yet much loved ways to express gratitude towards daddy is giving him a card along with your present. You can use pencil colors, oil pastels, poster colors, water color, acrylic colors and fabric colors in case you are preparing your card on a fabric base. You can make a bow tie or a simple tie, moustaches or anything in particular that signify you or your daddy on the card. Smaller kids can use paper craft, stars or draw cartoons on the front while write a message inside the card. On a piece of canvas, you could handprint a commemorative inscription. It is another simple gift. You could make a keepsake with a jingle telling daddy your affection towards him such as- “World best dads belong to me, I am fortunate as he will always be with me”.

10. Father’s Day Treat

You can also give your papa a DIY food gift i.e. you can make cake (cheesecake, pancake, cupcake), pretzel, cookie, meatloaf, donut, chicken, pie, sandwiches etc. For this you need a little practice under your mother’s supervision. Once you get perfect you can cook or bake daddy’s favorite recipe & serve him on father’s day. You can make it a great celebration by decorating your home in the father’s day theme.

11. Beverage Bottle Covers/ Jar Posters/ Shaving Kit labels

You can buy an item such as a soda, candy, shaving kit and make a vivid label, cover or poster according to the size. You can also write something telling your dad something amusing about him that he has never noticed.

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