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Dedication to All the Mothers Who Sacrificed Their Jewel Love for Their Children- Happy Mother’s Day!
By Paliwal Jewelers


  Every woman finds diamonds irresistible. Mother also have craving for diamonds but avoid buying diamond jewellery, because of the high making prices of diamond jewellery. With the highly intricate labor, the manufacturing cost of diamond is high. This is the underlying reason of high making charges of diamond jewellery. Besides this, the resale value of the diamond jewelry is quite less as the jewelers cut off nearly 10- 15% (approximate) cost of the diamond on their resale.

In India, gold jewelry comes with additional making charges that are calculated in terms of percentage of the current gold price.  Jewelers often have fixed making charges; they may reduce it after bargaining. But they can negotiate to give huge discounts only on purchasing jewellery in bulk amount. So, when there in wedding in family, most of the mothers buy all jewellery from a single store to get maximum reduction in the making prices. In such case of bulk jewellery, sometimes while buying even though they may not be satisfied by collection of one jeweler, but they stick to the same jeweler indeed to going to another.

Usually in most of the stores the bangles and chains attract have less labor charge approximately 6% to 14% of gold cost. This is because frequently the designs in chains and bangles are machine-made in massive amount. Generally mothers do not buy customized jewellery although they love to design their own jewellery because handmade products cost more as compared to the standard price. Therefore, often they do not wear personalized jewellery in order to save more money and buy their jewelry in low budget.

Jewellery products like earrings, foot rings, and nose rings etc. which have a high convolution involved in the designing. The additional charges are often higher because of the fine work and high quality of finishing touch. Highly esteemed and biggest jewellery store brands have fixed prices on such items and so many of the women are not able to purchase jewellery from the big brands. They can buy sometimes from the top brands only when there is some rare or extraordinary occasion. 

Jewellery full of colorful stone look tantalizing but some mothers keep away from stones. It is probably because on the precious and semi-precious stones, there are only few jewelers who take guarantee on purity of stones, especially on semi-precious ones.  Jewelers break-up the price into two parts one that they calculate for the gold also called net weight price & separate price of the stones used. In kundan jewellery, sometimes gold part weighs up to 50%. If it has semi precious elements than the price is reduced because buyer pay more for gold and comparatively less for stones and contradictory  happens if it has precious stone.

Mother even though may be fond of wearing big diamonds and custom jewellery, but simply do not buy them. The sole reason is their immense dedication towards their kids and family, they sacrifice their own wish in order to save money. Only a mother can make such a give up their own desire to fulfill needs of her children.

A mother would never consider her daughter to sell the jewelry that she gave to her on wedding. But during the financial crisis sometimes woman get compelled to resale their jewellery, wedding jewellery weights heavy and fetched good amount. Mothers who do not have sufficient money generally exchange their old ancestral piece of jewellery for modern design and gave it to their daughter. This may lead them to have few or no jewellery but it make them feel happy that they gave assets to her daughter that may help her during harder times. Mother specially the educated ones always take care of the receipts because they know that it would help their daughter during the resale. Indian mothers buy BIS hallmarked gold so that in case their daughter goes to another jeweler, he deducts only the making charges and do not check its purity for reducing the resale value.

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