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Why and How Janmashtmi is celebrated in India!
By Paliwal Jewelers

Janmashtmi is the day when the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu took birth in form of son of Devaki and Vashudev. It is a big Hindu festival as shri Krishna put an end to the evil Uncle Kansa who ruled in Mathura. The festival is celebrated not only in India but also in other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. People fast on this day and in the midnight sing devotional songs as it is believed, that Krishna was born at that time.

The festival is celebrated with huge devotion in Tamil Nadu, Dwarika, Gujarat, Vrindavan by worshiping him in the chief temples.  A number of dahi-handies are made using milk, butter, yogurt, etc as milk products were Krishna’s favourite. The next day is called the Nandotsav – the occasion when lord Krishna foster father Nana Baba distributed sweets  to his community to honour the birth of baby Krishna.

The legends say that Lord Krishna along with his friends in Vrindavan where he spent his entire childhood formed human pyramid to reach the butter store in the pots by the Gokul people. He stole butter and curd from neighbouring houses with the help of his friends and distributed it among them.

Dahi Handi 

The incident of stealing milk products hanging in the earthen pot is celebrated on a big level through competition in which kids and adults make a human pyramid to reach the pots hanging on a protracted height. In various states of India, pots are hanged at certain spots of the city which become crowded as people gather to see the contest.  The contestants are given three attempts to reach and break the pot which is usually done by a coconut as in India coconut is the symbol of purity.  As soon as the pot is broken, milk products fall to the mouth of the contestants. In Mumbai and Thane, hundreds of teams participate in Dahi Handi because of the huge cash prizes. Dahi Handi also called Makhan Handi.

Dahi Handi signifies unity and disciple. The topmost people can reach the pot only if the other teammates form a stable pyramid and are patient enough to hold their position or reframe the pyramid until the topmost people succeed in breaking the pot. It takes the efforts and contribution of every team member to accomplish the Dahi Handi symbolizing unity.

The festival brings enthusiasm and zeal in the temples as  dance-dramas are  performed based on Ras-Leela also called Krishna Leela in which the Krishna’s childhood incidents are depicted by the people.   

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