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2017 Upcoming Jewellery Trends
By Paliwal Jewelers


 Jewelry now a day is a part of every woman‘s persona and facilitate in enhancing beauty and sophistication. There are some catchy jewellery pieces that can harmonize with your outfits and provide you with the dramatic look which you want to astonish others on special events, particularly the ceremonial ones.

Jewelry pieces vary in their designs and even the metals from which they are manufactured. In India, gold jewelry that is caked with diamonds is considered to be the most sophisticated and classy. There are jewelry pieces that are made of easy on the pocket metals like silver, and other materials that fit everyone’s budget. If you were to know about the catchiest & the most stylish jewelry pieces, you must check out and research the latest online jewellery India trends that change with time. Here are the breathtaking precious jewelry trends that will rule for 2017.

Large Diamond Hoops & Studs

Earrings can assist you to make your ears catchier and stunning. They are dated back from 1900s and are again in fashion as newest trends that are prevailing this year. Normally Indian women wear traditional earrings, but the hoops and studs are utterly different because they embellish bigger fraction of ears making you look dramatic. You can opt for non-piercing ear cuffs if you have not pierce your ear.

Statement pendants and necklaces

Simple and very miniature pendants are out this time and the statement pendants are in. Statement necklaces and pendants are unquestionably beguiling than the minute ones. Try enticing statement necklaces and pendants, if you feel the small ones look boring and you don’t give you appealing touch. We have many impressive Diamond Pendant Set designs in our collection that can boost your exquisiteness and make you look bravura on occasion especially the ceremonial ones.

Multiple rings

The new younger generation of jewellery designers believes that just one or two rings are not enough to get captivating hands. The more number of rings they wear, more affable your hands will be. So if you too are one of those girls & women who consider such proposal, then you should wear numerous rings as it is going to be 2017’s biggest jewelry style. Rings may be large or small but not approximately of same size, you can craft the likable combinations of shiny colored stone ring or even other sort of rings you are fond of to increase the loveliness of hands.

Adding Pearls

Most of the young girls think that string of pearls represents purity and peace so it is more suited for grandmothers and middle-aged women. The truth is pearls get never out of fashion, only there has been certain decrease in its popularity. World’s best brands are showcasing pearl jewelry classical taste, on the international runways in 2017 making pearl collections sensational accessory. Pearls add chic and elegance befitting even young girls can try to get grown up look. Fling into pearly inundation with our diamond pearl earring gold.


Wearing women’s diamond bracelets is guaranteed method to get extraordinary attention from crowd, from ancient period it has been part stylized jewelry in Greece and Turkey. In India, too embossed patterns are momentous and these precious bracelets with crystals, chains, and beads are in style especially the handmade ones. Most of the jewellery designers are enthusiastic for twin and charm bracelets are in trend.

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